305. 5/21/1964

“NSC [National Security Council], ‘Student Travel to Cuba’, May 21, 1964. In an options memorandum for President [Lyndon B.] Johnson, [National Security Advisor] McGeorge Bundy informs him of the continuing debate over lifting restrictions on travel to Cuba. As summer begins, the administration expects about 100 students to try and travel to Cuba. Bundy lays out the ‘two distinct schools of thought’ on the travel issue: Robert Kennedy’s effort to end controls on the basis of ‘our libertarian tradition and the difficulty of controlling travel’ and current U.S. policy which is built on a tough line toward Cuba and efforts to enlist other Latin American nations to isolate Cuba politically and culturally, and to ‘prevent their nationals from going to Cuba.’ Bundy correctly assumes that President Johnson does not want to relax controls on travel to Cuba and informs him that an interagency group is studying ways to further ‘reduce the interest in and to control student travel to Cuba this summer.’” [Pro Embargo]

“Robert F. Kennedy Urged Lifting Travel Ban to Cuba in ’63: Document 4: NSC, ‘Student Travel to Cuba,’ May 21, 1964,” National Security Archive, nsarchive2.gwu.edu, April 23, 2009, accessed online December 8, 2011


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