319. 1/20/1969

“It wasn’t until [Richard] Nixon became President in [January 20] 1969 that these activities [assassination plots against Fidel Castro] were again renewed. Nixon had been the point man in supervising all these anti-Cuban activities in the last years of the Eisenhower Administration. These included the Bay of Pigs and the assassination plots, which began when Nixon was Vice-President. Nixon, by the way, began meteorological warfare against Cuba, seeding clouds over non-agriculture areas, where there would be torrential downpours, and then no rains over the cane fields. I [Philip Agee, former CIA agent] was in Cuba on my first trip after I had left the CIA, in 1971, with Nixon in the White House, when the Cubans were slaughtering more than 500,000 pigs. The CIA had introduced African swine fever, which decimated the Cuban porcine herds. This was the first outbreak of this disease in the Western Hemisphere in this century, and the CIA did it. Pork was a major source of protein in the Cuban diet, and still is, but at that time it was a catastrophe. What they had to do to stop this disease was to begin developing their herds all over again with what they had left in terms of un-diseased animals. This was under Nixon.”

Philip Agee, “A Century of War and Bad Faith; Cuba History, and the CIA,” Prevailing Winds Magazine, March 9, 1994, Page 31


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