404. 2/5/1992

“Naturally the economic strangulation went on and on all through the years, through the blockade, through attempts to destroy Cuban foreign trade. The latest outrage under [President George H. W.] Bush, as we all know it, was the Torricelli Act. Bush initially was against that. This is a U.S. attempt to regulate the foreign trade of other countries by criminalizing trade by the subsidiaries of U.S.-based multinational corporations with Cuba. They have been doing it in spite of the blockade, these foreign subsidiaries in different countries. It was trade worth about $700-$800 million per year to Cuba. The bill was introduced by this Representative from New Jersey, Robert Torricelli [on February 5, 1992]. Bush was against it, believe it or not. He knew it was in violation of international law.” [Con Embargo]

Philip Agee, “A Century of War and Bad Faith; Cuba History, and the CIA,” Prevailing Winds Magazine, March 9, 1994, Page 32


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