533. 5/15/2002

“As the Administration re-examines U.S. policy toward Cuba, we respectfully invite President [George W.] Bush and Secretary of State [Colin] Powell to consider a series of proposed policies that will increase American influence in Cuba and serve a variety of concrete American national interests…American policy toward Cuba lacks support among the American public, the Congress, the international community, and most importantly, inside Cuba, among dissidents, clergy, and average Cuban citizens…After four decades, the U.S. embargo has failed to produce meaningful political and economic reform in Cuba…Cuba should be at the center of our engagement policy, even as we press our human rights agenda at every opportunity…Where legislative remedies are possible, the Cuba Working Group will seek out appropriate vehicles for such action.  Where policy requires action by the Executive branch, the Cuba Working Group advises that such action be taken and will support the President’s efforts to undertake such action.” [Con Embargo]

“A Review of U.S. Policy Toward Cuba,” Lexington Institute, LexingtonInstitute.org, May 15, 2002


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