538. 6/25/2002

“‘The ban on travel to Cuba is hurting the U.S. economy.  Ending restrictions on travel to Cuba and allowing U.S. carriers and tour operators to provide services to American travelers would provide a much-needed source of growth to the U.S. travel sector, particularly the troubled airline industry,’ according to Ambassador Sally Grooms Cowal of the Cuba Policy Foundation… ‘Americans want to travel to Cuba, and a growing bipartisan coalition in Congress supports them.  It is time U.S. policy reflects the sentiment in Congress and the will of the American people,’ said Ambassador Cowal. Also speaking today will be Robert Muse, a lawyer with wide experience of U.S. laws relating to Cuba. Over the years he has handled many applications for travel licenses to Cuba by educational and other institutions. According to Muse, ‘The Bush Administration has imposed a virtual moratorium on U.S. travel to Cuba by denying applications for approved travel or failing to process them.’ ‘Based my professional experience,’ Muse said, ‘reform of the administrative process is not possible and that the ban on travel to Cuba should be repealed by an act of Congress.’” [Con Embargo]

Ed Sanders & Patrick Long, “Economic Benefits to the United States from Lifting the Ban on Travel to Cuba,” Cuba Policy Foundation, June 25 2002


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