542. 7/23/2002

“IN THE HOUSE, on July 23 [2002], three amendments to Treasury-Postal Appropriations bill (TPO) passed that ease elements of the Cuban embargo…[Goss Amendment on Cuba]…Any limitation in the Act on the use of funds to administer or enforce regulations restricting travel to Cuba or transactions related to travel to Cuba shall apply only after the President has certified to the Congress that the Cuban Government –(1) does not posess and is not developing a biological weapons program that threatens the homeland security of the United States; (2) is not providing to terrorist states or terrorist organizations technology that could be used to produce, develo, or deliver biological weapons; and (3) is not providing support or sanctuary to international terrorists.” [Con Embargo]

Brian Alexander, “Embargo Update: Cuba Amendments on the Move,” Cuba Policy Foundation, August 5, 2002


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