168. 1/16/1961

“16.01.61 In Press Release No. 2491, the Department of State announced that due to the severing of diplomatic relations and given its inability to extend standard protection services to American citizens visiting Cuba, those citizens wishing to make such trip had obtain a passport specifically endorsed by the State Department. It was advised that all pending passports, except for those held by U.S. citizens staying in Cuba, were being rendered invalid for travel to Cuba, unless specifically endorsed for that purpose. People whose trips could be considered serving the best interests of the United States were exempted from these regulations. Such is the case of journalists or businesspeople with already established business interests on the island. It was indicated that such action had been taken in line with the State Department standard practice to curtail travel to those countries with whom the United States does not have diplomatic relations…” [Pro Embargo]

“Dwight D. Eisenhower (R), Timeline,” Cuba versus Blockade: Cuban People’s website, 2007


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