“DEC 2, 1960: Acting Secretary of State [C Douglas] Dillon informs President [Dwight D.] Eisenhower that the 5412 Group has decided that a senior official in the State Department and a senior officer in CIA should work full time to better organize the government’s ‘total program with respect to Cuba.’ Whiting Whitauer and Tracy Barnes are suggested to fill the roles and the 5412 Group (… [Chairmain of the CIA, Allen Welsh] Dulles, [National Security Advisor, Gordon] Gray, [Acting Secretary of Defense, James] Douglas, and [Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs, Livingston T.] Merchant) recommends that it ‘intensify its general supervision of the covert operation.’”

“The Bay of Pigs Invasion/Playa Giron: A Chronology of Events,” The National Security Archive, NSArchive2.gwu.edu