“DEC 31, 1960: In a speech, Fidel Castro denounces the ‘imperialist plan’ to invade Cuba. He attempts to focus world attention on the ‘danger our country is running,’ and declares that Cuba will ‘mobilize the people and adopt such measures as can persuade the imperialists that it will not be a military cakewalk.’ Castro warns the United States ‘if they want to invade us and destroy the resistance they will not succeed …because as long as a single man or woman with honor remains there will be resistance.’ Castro predicts that a few thousand paratroops with some boats will not take the capital or any major cities and that they will need many more troops and that they will pay a heavier price than in the landings in Normandy and Okinawa.”

“The Bay of Pigs Invasion/Playa Giron: A Chronology of Events,” The National Security Archive, NSArchive2.gwu.edu