“10.07.74, 07.08.74 & 14.08.74. Amendment to the Cuban Assets Control Regulations, adding an interpretation to the provision prohibiting American citizen to engage in the trade of goods and services abroad, unless duly authorized by a license; an interpretation excluding heirs from the authorization to charge personal expenses to a block account was added; addition of an interpretation on license granting for American-owned companies abroad, specifying that it did not apply to American citizens who were officers or directors of such companies abroad; license issuance was provided, following the submission of satisfactory evidence that the goods to be imported had left Cuba before 8 July 1963; specific licenses were provided, under certain circumstances, in the case of Cuban-origin goods sent as gifts to American citizens, and the import of Cuban-origin books, films and tapes. The issuance of specific licenses for the import of samples for research was also provided; as well as for the payment for overflights of Cuban territory and emergency landing; it included issuing specific licenses to unblock non-Cuban citizens who were in Cuba on 8 July 1968 or thereafter (but not at this moment), to unblock up to 50% worth of dollar accounts representing the interests of surviving spouses; to unblock part of insurance credits, under certain conditions; to pay official representatives of foreign governments in Cuba; to unblock assets of Cuban companies totally- or partially-owned by American citizens; to authorize payment of US$100 allowance charged to blocked accounts of Cuban residing outside Cuba; to pay for Cuban societies when its members left Cuba for the United States or any other authorized territory; to unblock accounts which are exclusive properties of Cuban citizens when the owner has left Cuba for the United States or any other authorized territory.” [Pro Embargo]

“Richard M. Nixon (R). Timeline,” Cuba versus Blockade: Cuban People’s website, 2007