“We all know that [Former President Richard] Nixon took that fat retirement instead of impeachment and [President Gerald R.] Ford appointed George Bush Director of the CIA. It was during the period of Bush’s directorship of the CIA [approx. January 30, 1976] that a number of things happened, including Cuban exile involvement- and these are people trained by the CIA-in the assassination in Washington, D.C. of Orlando Letelier [on September 21, 1976], the leader of the Chilean exile community. Nixon’s great success in Latin America was of course the overthrow of the [Salvador] Allende government, a democratically elected civilian government in Chile, and its replacement by the most savage dictatorship, perhaps of this century in Latin America, the [Augusto] Pinochet dictatorship, which was in power for seventeen years and which killed thousands of people. That was Nixon’s principal triumph in his principal triumph in his foreign policy in Latin America.”

Philip Agee, “A Century of War and Bad Faith; Cuba History, and the CIA,” Prevailing Winds Magazine, March 9, 1994, Page 31