“26.04.78 The Cuban Assets Control Regulations of the Treasury Department were amended allowing certain transactions related to travels of Cuban nationals with U.S. visa to the United States, within such country and from its territory. Likewise, U.S. people such as travel agents or exhibit or shows sponsors were allowed to participate or cooperate in transactions conducted by such Cuban nationals, on their behalf, related to this authorized travel. The declaration of licenses policy announced the denial of licenses for payments to Cubans for TV royalties, appearances fees, patent rights, or to pay pre-performances in Cuba by Cubans who would go to the United States for public performances. Likewise, payments to people in Cuba for these purposes regarding performances or exhibits of Americans in Cuba would not be allowed. However, specific licenses to authorize news organizations for payments in Cuba to cover events, unlike payments for performances, patent rights, etc, will be issued. It was made clear that such amendments do not authorize transfer of property to Cuba or debits to frozen accounts. Mention of the authority clause of 1977 relative to fuel supply was reviewed.” [Con Embargo]

“James E. Carter (D). Timeline,” Cuba versus Blockade: Cuban People’s website, 2007