“23.08.88 Enactment of Omnibus Bill on Trade and Competitiveness of 19988 [1988], (Public Law No.100-418), whose section 1911 ‘Reinforcement of Restrictions on Cuban Imports’ was introduced by Representative Claude Pepper during congressional debates prior to the passage of the bill. It provided that ‘USTR [United States Trade Representatives] shall require all major agencies to prepare appropriate recommendations to improve the effectiveness of restrictions on Cuban goods imports. Such recommendations would include, but not be limited to, appropriate measures to prevent indirect shipments or other evasive means. USTR, after considering such recommendations, had to report to Congress – not later than 90 days after the enactment of this Act – any administrative or legislative actions that USTR deemed necessary and appropriate to reinforce the restrictions on imports from Cuba.’” [Pro Embargo]

“Ronald W. Reagan (R). Timeline,” Cuba versus Blockade: Cuban People’s website, 2007