“21.11.88 USTR [United States Trade Representative] Clayton Yeutter sent letters to James C. Wright, House of Representatives spokesperson, and John C. Stennis, Acting President of the Senate, attaching the Report to Congress on the measures to enforce the restrictions on American imports from Cuba, under Omnibus Bill on Trade and Competitiveness of 19988[1988]. In these letters, he described the four recommendations contained in the Report, namely: 1) civil penalty provisions under the Trading with the Enemy Act, as has been done under the International Emergency Economic Powers Act and the Comprehensive Anti-Apartheid Act; 2) OFAC’s [Office of Foreign Assets Control] actions to expand training and direct assistance for other Federal staff; 3) OFAC’s actions to work with other government agencies to collect all available information on Cuba’s international trade network, which would allow a more effective identification of Cuban-controlled entities and monitoring of their transactions, and 4) intensifying OFAC and other federal agencies’ efforts to develop joint and integrated programs to achieve the most effective possible enforcement of the embargo.” [Pro Embargo]

“Ronald W. Reagan (R). Timeline,” Cuba versus Blockade: Cuban People’s website, 2007