“05.01.99 The Clinton Administration announces new measures for Cuba: extension of the category of people allowed to send and receive remittances; extension of the origin and destination of direct passenger charter flights, in addition to the current flights from Miami and Havana; increase of academic, scientific, sport exchanges; authorization of sales of foodstuff and agriculture inputs to independent units; interest in re-establishing direct mail service; and implementation of new programs of propaganda against Cuba in Latin America and Europe, and the information flow to the Cuban people by the enhancement of Radio and TV Martí broadcasts. These provisions, adopted as a follow-up of those introduced in 20-03-98 and presented as an alternative to the creation of the Bipartisan Commission on Cuba, do not mean any change in the US policy of blockade.” [Pro Embargo] [Con Embargo]

“William J. Clinton (D). Timeline,” Cuba versus Blockade: Cuban People’s website, 2007