“May 13 [2002]. From Havana’s Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology, [Former President] Jimmy Carter says: ‘With some degree of reluctance I would also like to comment on the allegation of bioterrorism. I do this because these allegations were made maybe not coincidentally just before our visit to Cuba. In preparation for this unprecedented visit, I requested, and we all received, intense briefings from the State Department, the intelligence agencies of my country, and high officials in the White House. One purpose of this briefing was for them to share with us any concerns that my government had about possible terrorist activities that were supported by Cuba. There were absolutely no such allegations made or questions raised. I asked them specifically on more than one occasion is there any evidence that Cuba has been involved in sharing any information to any other country on Earth that could be used for terrorist purposes. And the answer from our experts on intelligence was ‘no.’ I think it’s very significant though that this allegation was made, and I’m grateful for a chance to come here at the center of this effort on behalf of Cuba.’”

Jerry A. Sierra, “Economic Embargo Timeline,” HistoryofCuba.com