“The U.S. Government issued the Cuban Assets Control Regulations…under the Trading With the Enemy Act…On September 3, 2009, OFAC [Office for Foreign Assets Control]  amended the Regulations to implement measures announced by the President [Barack Obama] in April 2009 to promote democracy and human rights in Cuba by easing travel restrictions to facilitate greater contact between separated family members in the United States and Cuba and by increasing the flow of remittances and information to the Cuban people. OFAC is now amending the Regulations to implement certain policy changes announced by the President…to continue efforts to reach out to the Cuban people in support of their desire to freely determine their country’s future. These amendments allow for greater licensing of travel to Cuba for educational, cultural, religious, and journalistic activities and expand licensing of remittances to Cuba. These amendments also modify regulations regarding authorization of transactions with Cuban national individuals who have taken up permanent residence outside of Cuba, as well as implement certain technical and conforming changes.” [Con Embargo]

“New OFAC 2011 Cuba travel regulations,” HavanaJournal.com, January 27, 2011