“Conference calling for Cuba’s removal from the List of State Sponsors of Terrorism. Thursday December 1 [2011]… in Washington, D.C: One of the most cynical aspects of the U.S. policy toward Cuba is to keep it on the List of State Sponsors of Terrorism, for there is no evidence that would place it there. One need only read this year’s State Department report on the subject (a copy of which is available to conference attendees) to draw that conclusion. The report in fact begins by saying that ‘the Government of Cuba maintained a public stance against terrorism and terrorist financing in 2010.’ And it provides no evidence that the government violated that stance. Not only does the United States lack evidence to keep Cuba on the List of State Sponsors of Terrorism, but maintaining Cuba’s position on the list is counterproductive to U.S. goals and interests…-The Latin America Working Group and the Center for International Policy.” [Con Embargo]

“Conference to remove Cuba from state sponsor of terrorism list,” Havana Journal, November 21, 2011