613. 10/26/2011

“‘On the one hand we, the global community, make tall promises on Millennium Development Goals, of striving for human dignity and achieving equitable growth, but when it comes to action, we do the exact opposite,’ Minister of State for External Affairs E Ahamed said in the UN [United Nations]…Terming as ‘unfortunate’ the continued US embargo on Cuba, Ahamed said India sees this as a ‘violation of the world opinion, and an act that severely undermines multilateralism and the credibility of the United Nations itself.’…Ahamed said the Cuban people have suffered immensely due to the US embargo, which has severely undermined the progress and development of the country. ‘The embargo, which perhaps has no parallel in history, is a transgression of the right of a sovereign state to development and to enjoy freedom of trade, economy and navigation,’ Ahamed said…Further, the embargo has denied Cuba access to US market, investment, technology, financial services and scientific, educational, cultural and sporting institutions. ‘Cuba has had to pay enormous extra cost for sourcing products, technology and services from third countries located thousands of kilometers away,’ Ahamed said, adding the extra- territorial application of the US embargo has discouraged investment, technology transfer and sale and other forms of business collaborations between Cuba and third countries.” [Con Embargo]

“India calls for end to US embargo against Cuba,” The Deccan Herald, October 26, 2011


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