“Grover Cleveland (March 4, 1893-March 4, 1897). Democratic…Cleveland was the only president to be ranked twice, due to his non-consecutive service as president.” “U.S. Presidents,” TotallyHistory.com […]

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“Benjamin Harrison (March 4, 1889-March 4, 1893). Republican. Benjamin Harrison was a grandson of former president William Henry Harrison…His legislation was responsible for the McKinley Tariff and the Sherman Antitrust Act as well as for federal spending to reached one billion dollars annually for the first time.” “U.S. Presidents,” TotallyHistory.com […]

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“Grover Cleveland (March 4, 1885-March 4, 1889). Democratic. Cleveland was the only Democratic candidate to win presidency during the era of Republican domination from 1860 to 1912. He was also the only president to serve two terms non-consecutively. He was a leader among Bourbon Democrats who were opposed to inflation, subsidies, imperialism, Free Silver, and […]

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“Chester A. Arthur (September 19, 1881-March 4, 1885). Republican. Arthur became president after the assassination of President James A. Garfield…Despite being poor health, he was able to perform solidly while in office. He left office respected by political allies and foes alike.” “U.S. Presidents,” TotallyHistory.com […]

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“James A. Garfield (March 4, 1881-September 19, 1881). Republican. Before becoming president Garfield served as a Representative for nine terms. Garfield advocated agricultural technology, civil rights for African Americans, a bi-metal monetary system, and an educated electorate. Garfield was assassinated after 200 days of being in office.” “U.S. Presidents,” TotallyHistory.com […]

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“Ruther B. Hayes (March 4, 1877-March 4, 1881). Republican. President Rutherford B. Hayes was voted in during the close of the Reconstruction and when the Second Industrial Revolution occurred in the U.S….He believed in a meritocratic government and racial equality.” “U.S. Presidents,” TotallyHistory.com […]

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“Ulysses S. Grant (March 4, 1869-March 4, 1877). Republican. The eighteenth president of the U.S. was an army general during the American Civil War…As President, Grant supported civil rights for freed slaves and contributed to the revival of the Republican party in the South…However, despite all this, his administration tolerated corruption and bribery. He was […]

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“1868: 10 October. Carlos M. Cespedes issued the Grito de Yara and initiated the Ten Years’ War in Cuba (1868-1878), the independence movement that served as the forerunner of the 1895 Insurrection and the Spanish American War.” “Chronology of Cuba in the Spanish-American War,” Library of Congress, LOC.gov […]

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“Andrew Johnson (April 15, 1865-March 4, 1869). Democratic. Andrew Johnson became president when President [Abraham] Lincoln was assassinated. As president in charge of the Reconstruction, Johnson drafted conciliatory policies towards the South in a hurry to reincorporate former states of the Confederacy.” “U.S. Presidents,” TotallyHistory.com […]

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