“I HAVE signed H.R. 14535, the Immigration and Nationality Act Amendments of 1976…Among other things the enrolled bill would: apply the preference system currently applicable to Eastern Hemisphere immigrants to natives of countries of the Western Hemisphere (with minor modifications); apply the 20,000-per-country limit to countries of the Western Hemisphere; make Western Hemisphere immigrants eligible for adjustment of status to that of lawful permanent residents on an equal basis with Eastern Hemisphere immigrants; apply the labor certification requirements equally to immigrants native to both hemispheres; and provide that Cuban refugees covered under the Cuban Refugee Act of 1966 will not be charged to the Western Hemisphere quota (of 120,000 per year). This legislation will also facilitate the reunification of Mexican-American families by giving preference to Mexican nationals who are close relatives of United States citizens or lawful permanent residents, or who have needed job skills…” [Con Embargo]

Gerald R. Ford, “Statement on Signing the Immigration and Nationality Act Amendments of 1976,” The American Presidency Project, presidency.ucsb.edu, October 21, 1976