“06.01.77-21.03.77 The Cuban Assets Control Regulations of the Treasury Department were amended, thus authorizing people traveling to Cuba to pay their plane ticket and expenses during their stay in Cuba, and to buy $100 worth of Cuban merchandise which may be brought into the United States by authorized travelers arriving from Cuba. Media officers or professional researchers are allowed to import publications and other informational materials related to their work without limits in terms of value. Companies –owned by Americans or controlled by them abroad- were allowed to pay or reimburse the expenses including trips made by local employees to Cuba. Provisions regarding specific licenses to conduct trade with Cuba by foreign subsidiaries of U.S. firms were amended. Such amendment established that the prohibition includes the assistance by a United States home office, or any of its officials or employees, both in the negotiation and in the execution of a transaction subject to a license request. Such assistance or participation is the basis for the denial of a request or the repeal of a license. The subsidiary shall be generally independent from the home office in the conduct of the transactions subject to license. For the purposes of the amendment, a subsidiary is not independent if there is a substantial number of officials or directors of the foreign subsidiary who are also officials or directors of a legal person within the United States.” [Con Embargo]

“James E. Carter (D). Timeline,” Cuba versus Blockade: Cuban People’s website, 2007