“Washington, Jan 28 [2002]…The US Agriculture Sector loses up to 1.240 million usd (United States dollars) a year on exports as a result of the embargo this country imposes against Cuba, according to a report published today by the Cuba Policy Foundation. The report, written by two experts on agronomy, pointed out that 20 states are featured among the most affected by the economic sanctions against the Caribbean island. Among these ten most affected states are Arkansas, California, Iowa, Louisiana, Texas,  Illinois,  Mississippi, Minnesota, Nebraska and Missouri. ‘Should the embargo be lifted, the average US farmer would feel the difference in his life in two or three years’ said Parr Rosson, a Professor of Economy of Agriculture of the University of Texas A& M and co-author of the study.” [Con Embargo]

“George W. Bush (R). Timeline,” Cuba versus Blockade: Cuban People’s website, 2007