“4/02/2002 Asked about the increase of US visitors to Cuba, despite restrictions from Washington, the Cuban Foreign Minister Felipe Pérez Roque said to PL that this tendency ‘is like a snowball wildly rolling over, threatening to crush those who still advocate for the blockade, although they are a powerful minority’. He pointed out that in January 2002 almost two thousand US citizens visited Cuba as part of different delegations, besides those who came on their own account, whereas last year they were 80 thousand visitors, most of them travelling over the restrictive laws that violate the constitutional right of free travelling. The Cuban Foreign Minister considered that the US congress overwhelmingly supports the change of policy towards Cuba, the removal of the blockade, the approval of travels and medicine and foodstuff sales and the cooperation in areas such as drug trafficking, terrorism and migration…” [Con Embargo]

“George W. Bush (R). Timeline,” Cuba versus Blockade: Cuban People’s website, 2007